Different types of leather used in making of handbags

Different types of leather used in making of handbags

Leather is loved by many, for its wonderful quality and durability.  Leather is used in everything, from shoes to handbags to belts. Handbags are like a status symbol in today's era. An exquisite leather handbag can be paired with some elegant attire to complete the entire look. Handbags are made with different types of leather. Each leather has its uniqueness.


Let's get deeper into the types of leather used in the manufacturing of handbags.


Top-Grain leather/Cowhide Leather


Cowhide leather is an unbleached skin with hair, which is natural. Cowhide is often processed into leather. These cowhide leathers are used for making leather handbags. Top grain leather is the top scrape of cowhide with the exterior of the skin eliminated. Cowhide is considered to be an outstanding quality available. It is available in abundance. The main reason for using cowhide leather and top-grain leather is due to their high durability. It lasts for a longer period of time. It is also stain-resistant adding to the other features of cowhide and top grain leather making it best for making handbags.



Lambskin Leather

Lambskin leather is made from lamb hide. It is lightweight and smooth. It is highly preferred for its smoothness. Lambskin leather is used for making handbags due to its softness. Lambskin is smooth, but delicacy comes in handy. It is not as available as cowhide but is widely used for making handbags due to its softness. Its durability is less as it is soft and should be maintained well.



Pigskin is a type of leather commonly used for manufacturing handbags. It is denser but soft to touch which makes it perfect for manufacturing handbags. It is inexpensive and easily available. It stays for a long time.




Suede leather is made from the lower part of the skin. It mainly uses the underside part of the skin of lamb, calf, goat, deer etc. Suede leather is used for making handbags. It is fragile and soft. It is less durable as compared to other leathers due to its softness. It is highly available as it can be easily taken from any animal hide.



Before buying a leather handbag, keep in mind its quality and durability. Checking out leather and feeling it is important, but amid the global pandemic it's difficult, do not fret!

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