About Us

"Leather has been one of the strongest style statements for eras. From men in the stone age to today’s Gen Z, leather will always remain a timeless fashion. The undying passion to own genuine leather merchandise is met with the biggest hurdle in today’s times i.e. affordability. There was a clear twofold objective to the genesis of HugMe.Fashion; one to bridge the gap between the passion to own genuine leather articles and the high costs associated with it and second was to provide variety in leather fashion which FITS LIKE A HUG."

When it comes to genuine leather products the access and variety is limited only to shoes, belts and wallets whereas HugMe.Fashion offers wide range of genuine leather products like Laptop Bags, Bagpacks, Messenger Bags, Trolley Bags, Duffle Bags, Belts, Wallets and Jackets for both males, females and kids.

HugMe.Fashion, started by a couple of young passionate entrepreneurs coming from hardcore retail and dotcom industry, deals in high quality genuine leather products which comes at an affordable pricing. These are all handmade products made by expert leather artisans.

Every piece of accessory is a reflection of one’s style and persona. Keeping in line with the latest trends, our fashion experts continually add to the collage of latest leather range of accessories that are perfectly blended with contemporary versions in design, material and craftsmanship. Our experts are vigilant not only about choosing right vendors but also handpick these leather accessories post running them through a rigorous quality standards, so our customers are ensured to enjoy not just classy accessories but guaranteed quality as well.

Retailing is one of the most happening dais in the Indian industry. It is one avenue where customers really relish exploring and trying out various products. Retailing also gives a real time experience to the customers in terms of visual appeal and feel of the product.

The exhibit of wide range of leather articles on our retail stores include jackets, bags and belts for men. All leather articles are manufactured from fresh and pure Sheep & Buffalo skin leather which not only adds a unique fragrance to them but also ensures the durability of the product. All our leather products retailed on our stores undergoes a thorough quality check process.

To maintain the high quality of genuine leather used in all our products and with the rigor to serve our customers better, we offer a life time service warranty and 2 free polishing service in the first year of purchase.

HugMe Leather Cafe- Retail Chain 

HugMe.Fashion rolls out its exclusive line of leather articles through series of retail stores, both online and offline. While online store caters to the customers pan India, offline stores called HugMe Leather Café are concentrated in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai along with Pune. We have extensive plans of expanding through franchises module across metros cities.


At HugMe.Fashion, we offer not just quality, we offer an experience. Come, dive and enjoy your leather shopping!


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