5 Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Going to Buy a Leather Jacket

5 Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Going to Buy a Leather Jacket

Whenever we go out for shopping, most of us are looking to upgrade our wardrobes by a style of clothes that we do not already own, a colour, fabric or material. For example, a businessman would opt to buy a jacket like a suit jacket or a more casual evening blazer, but someone who is starting out with a job at an office would buy something formal that they need to own, in order to look more professional in a workplace.

When it comes to buying long term clothes, we usually give more preference to the durability and robustness of the material. The only material that can outlast any other synthetic fabric is leather. Leather will outlast, outperform every synthetic fabric known to man. There are examples of leather cases and pouches surviving being buried for hundreds of years that are also treatable for everyday use. There is no other synthetic fabric that can do that. Leather products are durable, robust, stylish and go with everything.

Since leather is that durable, buying it can be a lifetime commitment. Thus, there are a few things that you need to remember if you plan on buying a leather product any time soon.

1)     Full-Grain –

The best quality of the leather is called full-grain leather. It is the most long-lasting and strongest quality of leather. Every leather product has a grade, based on the quality of it. Grade 1, 2 and 3. A good manufacturer of leather jackets only uses grade 1, also known as full-grain leather. It is clear, supple, and consistent in colour and has a smooth surface. Therefore, make sure that the leather that you buy is made of grade 1 leather.

2)     Colour –

Good quality leather is made in limited colours. They are mostly black, brown, red, navy and/or the occasional jewel tone with black.

3)     Craftmanship –

The craftmanship of the leather needs to be authentic. If the full-grain leather product has grains on them, it can be because of the use of the outer layer of the animal’s skin, which is often used to make full-grain leather products.

4)     Smell –

While making authentic leather from animal skin, certain chemicals are used to stop the skin from decomposing over time. This leather has a distinct smell. Check your product of this smell, to make sure it is authentic leather.

5)     Stitching –

A strong polyester string is used to stitch a leather jacket. The stitching of an authentic leather jacket is dense and even. If the stitching is not at par with this, do not buy the product.

Once you make sure of these things, buy that beautiful garment and show it off with your friends! Leather jackets give you an edgy look, which is a must-have to make your wardrobe special and full of variety.