Bollywood and Hollywood Celebs Carrying Leather

Bollywood and Hollywood Celebs Carrying Leather

Leather fashion is evolving and is becoming the game changer as always. It is expanding its boundaries. It is something that helps oneself looking confident and stylish at the same time. Be it the ones from Hollywood or Bollywood, both of them are carrying it off in a sartorial manner.

From being just the material that one used to wear to parties leather is taking place to become an everyday part of life for many. Its fashion has not just been now limited to jackets or boots as it used to be. It has been expanded to trousers, pants, waist belts for women and evens skirts. You can explore a wide range of leather products at

Are you thinking of adding leather to wear during daytime or in parties or street style?

Then, get some inspiration from our Bollywood and Hollywood celebs who are confidently carrying them in their own way. See how Esha Gupta has paired the sartorial leather wrap skirt along with the normal daily wear shirt. Deepika Padukone is a heartthrob when it comes to her airport look and so is this time, as she is wearing leather pants which I must say now every girl would love to try.

Talking about Hollywood stars have a look at Charlie's Angel, she is just making fashion statements with this experimental yet elegant brown leather coat which can be worn anywhere be it a day out or a night out. Then comes the admirer for many Tom Cruise, whose leather Blazer is again making a fashion statement. This look of his has been loved by many already.

No no!!! Brad Pitt is not behind in setting the leather trend. He is looking charming and enthralling in this leather bomber jacket as it styles it without compromising with the look as well as sophistication.

Our very own Priyanka Chopra who has become the queen of both Bollywood and Hollywood, her leather is something that is full of amazing styles be from skirts to trenches to normal jackets to trousers and pants.

Shilpa Shetty is no less as she combines the Indian attire with the belt and makes it look classy. Many girls have loved this look and found it easy to carry and hence making it a style statement.

So, as we see that now leather is something that could be carried out irrespective time, weather and even occasion. The key to carrying leather is just confidence. So, what are you waiting for fashion freaks?

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